More than an insurance
broker for companies

We stopped being a simple insurance broker and evolved into the first InsurTech As A Service in Mexico, offering you an innovative approach in corporate insurance, combining technology, human support and empathy.

We stopped being a simple insurance broker and evolved into the first InsurTech As A Service in Mexico.

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Your human capital and investment are protected with Surexs, don't be afraid of innovation and change!

We are the InsurTech As A Service that revolutionized corporate insurance

At Surexs, we offer you a new experience with your insurance program so that you have the peace of mind that no event will stop the growth of your company. Our commitment is to assist you with reliable solutions.

That's why we put together the insurance program you need and support you with our Human Tech service model, that combines the speed and ease of technology with the warmth and backing of human support.

What type of corporate insurance are you looking for?

We assist you in the creation of your insurance program, carefully selecting the essential coverages and collaborating with the insurers that offer the best options for your company.

Corporate programs

Employee Benefits Insurance

Corporate programs

Vehicle or Fleet

Corporate programs

Liability or Damage Insurance

Corporate programs

Cybersecurity and Special insurance

Corporate programs

Surety Bonds for companies

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We offer you the best options so you can choose your insurance in a transparent and informed way

Aseguradora GNP Aseguradora MetLife Aseguradora Qualitas Aseguradora Chubb Aseguradora Dentegra Aseguradora AXXA Aseguradora Atlas Aseguradora Allianz Aseguradora SURA Aseguradora Centauro Aseguradora Zurich Aseguradora Bx+ Aseguradora AIG Aseguradora Banorte

Make the most of your corporate insurance!

Don't let the benefits you grant to your employees or the insurance that protects your capital remain only in printed documents or PDFs! We transform the cost of corporate insurance into a tangible investment for your company and work team, eliminating bad experiences and maximizing the value of the invested money.

Free technology

Receive for free our digital ecosystem Ammia.

Total control

Manage and use your insurance saving time.

Direct support

Solve incidents together with your Surexs team.

Claims assistance

We back you up in case of delays or non-compliance.

Compliance guarantee

Te respaldamos ante atraso o incumplimiento.

Simplified tasks

Forget about paperwork and unnecessary procedures.

A proven and growing insurance service


corporate groups


insured vehicles


insured employees

All-inclusive service model: Human Tech

What does Human Tech service mean? Unlike traditional insurance agents, we enhance the service and support of insurers by integrating technology and personalized support at no additional cost.

We are by your side during all stages of your insurance life cycle, taking charge of insurance-related tasks and concerns.

Insurance broker
Insurance fulfillment
Reimbursement and payment
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We back you up in case of delay or non-compliance. We protect your trust with a guarantee that is unique in the market!

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3 reasons
to make Surexs your insurance agent

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Customizable technology

Save time and optimize your efforts with our Ammia digital ecosystem. Manage and use your corporate insurances with agility no matter how much experience you have.

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Support from experts

Count on the support of the team of experts assigned to your company. Contact them instantly, they will give you the support you need and take charge of your claims.

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Compliance guarantee

Be confident that your company will overcome unforeseen events and move forward. We set response times and compensate you if the insurer has any delays.

3 reasons
to make Surexs
your insurance agent

We are the corporate insurance service that has captured the attention of the media.

Obtain our digital tools at no cost to complement our service

It’s never been easier to get your corporate insurance on the right track. With our Ammia digital ecosystem, you'll have the tools and data you need to make the most of your insurance with minimal effort, complementing our service to make your corporate insurance a success.


Ammia Admin

Manage and monitor your corporate program

Perform key tasks easily and quickly. You only take care of the actions that correspond to you as administrator, we do the rest. In addition, you avoid surprise charges from the insurance company at the time of maturity or unexpected increases during renewal.

  • Performing administrative tasks
  • Monitoring and adjusting the performance of your policies
  • Direct support channels with the insurer and Surexs
  • Invoicing and financial control with reports
  • Easy registration of employees or vehicles

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Make it easy for your policyholders to access their insurance policies

Give your employees access to insurance so they can use it easily and not miss out on the benefits it offers them. In the event of a claim, don't worry. Surexs experts will support your insureds from the report to its resolution.

  • Access to individual certificates
  • Access to beneficiaries without complication
  • Direct access to insurance documents and forms
  • Reporting and tracking of claims until resolution
  • Direct support channels with the insurer and Surexs

This is the scale of the Ammia ecosystem!


corporate users using Ammia

1 minuto

maximum time to report a claim

Cada 20 días

we make automatic Ammia updates

What types of companies is Surexs' Human Tech service designed for?

We have successfully implemented a scalable model of corporate insurance service, validated with both startups and transnational companies in a variety of sectors, ranging from services, retail, logistics and technology.

Our model ensures that every client experiences the best service during claims events or renewal, regardless of their size or specific needs.


Provide your employees with the same benefits offered by large companies, adapted to the ideal costs for your startup.

From 10 insureds

From 1 car


Insure your employees, assets or vehicles and get triple benefits at a lower cost compared to a traditional broker.

From 50 insureds

From 10 vehicles


The corporate insurance service that complies with international standards, to which transnational companies have migrated.

From 500 insureds

From 100 vehicles

Our offices

The trust of our clients has led us to open business centers in Monterrey and Bajío, in order to provide a better service in these regions of Mexico.

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Manuel J. Clouthier #304, piso 4, col. Jardines del Campestre, C. P. 37128, León, Guanajuato

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Is your broker giving you more problems than solutions? Switch for free to Surexs at any time!

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